History of UAW

1993 March 9th establishment of UAW
1994 – 1995 First lobbying for abortion law. UAW & Women’s Centre Advocacy women Centre
1997 – 2001 National and regional (including Kosova, Monte Negro, Macedonia, all ethnities ) program Women’s Bridge for Peace and Understanding
2001 Human Rights Price for prevention of blood revenge from Lionel Jospen
2002 – 2003 After the World Social Forum in Brazil, UAW leaded the network with different Albanian NGO with the topic; ‘Another Balkan is possible’
2001 Lobbying for the 8 March protest with the slogan; ‘Women do history every day!
2005 – 2009 Institutionalization of the 8 March protest (partners different actors of the Albanian Society)
2005 Nomination for the Nobel price from 1000 Peace women across the globe of UAW’s president Sevim Arbana
2005 Lobbying and gathering 2000 signature for New Family Code.
2005 – 2008 Lobbying and playing the main role for new law for Gender Equality, which was approved last year
2007 – 2009 Awareness campaigns against Breast cancer in all Albania & osteoporoses.
2007 – 2008 Opening the Women’s Club in Puka
2009 Alternative Professional. Centre in Burrel
2012 Construction of the new building for Community Service in Durres, ex swamp area
1998 and on-Women’s Club Teuta e Re’ Tirana

2014-2016 Health education with vulnerable adolescents from all over Albania, with the aim to prevent HIV/AIDS(Gilead)
Employment agency for poor girls and women with medium education-2001 and on, Tirane
2012-100 years of contribution of women in the building of state, Exhibitions and Conference ‘90+20(20 years of Women’s Movement in Albania)

2014-on Alterantiva Profesionale-Pillar(Tirana, Elbasan, Durres, Burrel)
Community Development Center “Today for the Future-Pillar(Tirana, Durres, Buurel, Vlore, Saranda)
2014 and on-Women’s Academy
1998-and on- Women’s Club Teuta e re’
2014-2015 Health Education for the prevention of HIV/AIDS among vulnerable adoleschents in different poor areas of Albania (supportet by GILLEAD)
2014 and on Women’s Academy
The philosophy of the third decade of UAW is the direct link of the courses and the development of the respective social businesses that continue to work successfully in our centers, creation.
We have starting businesses for businesses designed by talented young women and girls, re-organizing and distributing UAW expertise in favor of women and young people in need. These objectives are expressed in the structure of the SOCIAL ACADEMY, looking at the true reflection of work management in our Professional Centers, Community Centers, and other branches.
Invitations for young graduates in universities and unrelated to civil society, non-profit and specialized organizations of academics in social affairs have been long announced!
It is time for us to inject Pure Developmental oxygen into civil society in Albania!

It is the answer to the many demands of young people and women in need of our successful service in the last 18 years

With double certification:

From the Ministry of Labor and Businesses, with the professional assistance in employment from the employment agency, Women’s Academy, we want to increase the number of young people and women employed and leave forever among the people in need by adding the number of 5.000 up to 37 other sessions of the Centers
2018-Fighting extremism in schools & young generation.